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Are you trying to get in front of all the new families moving into your community? ​Are you looking for a "done-for-you" neighborhood marketing program that will get you in front of new residents BEFORE they stumble upon your competition? Does your business in Allen, Anna, Celina, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Greenville, Lewisville, Lucas, McKinney, Melissa, Murphy, Plano, Princeton, Prosper, Richardson, Sherman, The Colony, or Wylie Texas need to generate more LEADS, attract more CUSTOMERS and make more MONEY

Own your neighborhood and lock out your competition! It's "business exclusive", "done-for-you" hyper-local advertising and marketing strategies for small business. We help you target your ideal client, customer or patient, understand exactly what they want when they make their decision to buy, and create compelling marketing messages that enable you to OUT-SMART, OUT-MARKET and OUT-SELL your competition...and DOMINATE YOUR MARKET...

We provide a “done-for-you” service that helps LOCAL BUSINESSES build local REPEAT CUSTOMERS (as opposed to one-time coupon/groupon shoppers) by reaching out to new families as they move into the community. I mean after all…these new movers can't drag their favorite services with them across the U.S., so they are 10 times more receptive to new offers than are existing residents that are already locked into a home town favorite. We are all about finding you net new long term, repeat customers.

​Why Target New Movers? According to U.S. Census Data...

  • 1 in 5 Americans move every year.
  • New Residents are 5 X more likely to become Repeat Customers!
  • New Residents establish an average of 71 new business relationships in their first few months in a new community.
  • New Residents have not yet formed loyalties to the businesses in their new neighborhood.
  • New Residents spend 60 percent more in their first year of residency than in any other year, an amount that does not include real estate purchases
  • Research shows that new movers are 80% more likely to try out new products and business during the weeks and months following their relocation.
  • Compare this targeted approach to conventional marketing strategies that utilize high-volume, low-cost, “Spray and Pray” strategies that net less than a 1% response rate.

Contact us to setup a FREE Advertising and Marketing Strategy "Possibilities Session”. In that session we’ll explore what challenges you and your top team are facing, what kind of results you’d like to see instead, and whether this program could help or not. Whatever the outcome, you’ll leave the conversation clear about the issues you’re facing and excited about what’s possible. Call (972) 727-6880, email or contact us by clicking here.     

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